Welcome to SpudWerks Shipyard

Handcrafted, Wooden Ships

Quality, handcrafted wood hulls and ships for the RC Model Warship Combat Community.

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Variety of Stages

From Hulls to Complete Ships

We build to the customers wishes, anywhere from simple hulls to complete, combat ready ships. All work carries a 100% Customer satisfaction guarantee.

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Growing Selection

Axis or Allied Ships

We offer a growing collection of ships, and we will also build custom orders.

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What is SpudWerks, and what do they do, you ask?

SpudWerks is a name we have tagged onto our workshop. Here at SpudWerks, our main goal is helping others enjoy the hobby of RC Model Warship Combat. By providing quality hulls and ships for those who do not have the time or the means to build their own ship, we enable a few more folks to enjoy the hobby.

Most of what we do here at SpudWerks is enjoy the hobby ourselves. Building the different ships in the shop provides me with a great way to enjoy this hobby, and the customer gets the benefit of having the hulls and ships at a very low cost. We typically only charge for what materials or equipment we have in the project. There may be a little overhead to provide for tools, and other items needed to support the building of these ships, but we do not price the hulls to make a profit.

service 1

Sturdy Design & Quality Materials

We build each ship frame and decking from handcut, quality plywood.

service 2

Quality Craftsmanship

Each ship is built with quality first and foremost on our minds. This is more a hobby than anything, so each ship is built to very high standards.

service 3


Our main product is wood hulls and basic superstructures built to order, but we also put together anything from hulls to "Combat Ready" ships that only need water and Co2. If you want it, we will build it.

Current Projects

  • USS Mississippi - for "Joshua"

  • USS Idaho - for "Demo"

  • IRN Evstafi - for "Clark"

  • USS St Louis - for "Jeff"

  • Dutch Zevon Provincien - for "Demo"

  • IRN Evstafi - for "Top Secret"

Current work at the Shop.

Here is a few examples of our work.

project 1

Winner of the IRCWCC "Best in Class" 2014

ClassIJN Nagato
FinishedJuly 2014
Build Thread -->Link to Build Thread

This was an exceptional build, very nice lines.

project 2

Pre-Dread Hull, and Decking

Build Thread -->Link to Build Thread

Will build this Hull and decking.... Very nice wood ship, Ran like a dream at NATS 2015. I so luv this ship!

Hull and Decking. This includes the complete weather deck, plus the level above it. Asking $90.00 unfinished wood, or $110.00 with fiberglass sheeting on bottom of hull, and resin protective coating for the wood. (Not West Systems) plus S&H

project 3

Semi-Combat Ready

Build Threadhttp://none.com

This ship was originaly built to replace my Nagato, and has only battled one week at NATS. I have moved to even a smaller ship, so this very nice ship is available as a semi-"Combat Ready" model.

It is a complete build minus the Radio/Transmitter, CO2 Bottle, and regulator. (These can be ordered).

This ship is brand new, only battled at the IRCWCC 2015 NATS and performed very well for Jeff. *The skin has a few holes from the battles....

The ship includes the following items at or below cost:

BC Von Der Tann Ship Kit $240.00

Low Profile servo $ 20.00

Micro Servo $ 7.00

Gearboxs 2ea $ 38.00

Brass Props $ 20.00

Universals 2ea $ 14.50

550 Motors 2ea $ 10.00

Lg Bilge Pump $ 32.00

Restrictor $ 8.00

BC Gears 2ea $ 7.00

BB Cannons w/SS barrels 3ea $115.00

Solenoids 3ea $126.00

Dual Firing Board $ 30.00

Single Firing Board $ 20.00

Viper 40 ESC $ 65.00

LifPo4, 3.2vl. 20Amh 4ea $ 40.00

* above is 1 yr old, great shape, discounted 70%

Charger for batteries $ 20.00

Assorted Hose $ 5.00

Air Fittings $ 26.00

Assorted Brass $ 15.00

West System Coating $ 15.00

1/4 & 1/8 Plywood $ 25.00

Assorted Wiring and Plugs $ 25.00

Total: $923.50

only asking $800.00 for this great ship. If you look at all it has, you can not buy these things for what we are asking, let alone the time and small things not added in price.

If you add a radio, Co2 Bottle, regulator, and a few bb's, this ship can battle within 5 minutes.

With all running gear removed, leaving only the Hull, Deck, Super, and Turrets.... $300.00

*All S&H is added after zip code is provided. (Can be hand delivered at IRCWCC Battles)

project 4

Scratch built Wood Hull


This ship comes as a hull and superstructure. There are no mast and the super is close but not exact. It does have all four turrets and extra ones inside. The guns are in pic only to show the mounting area. She is set up to fire 3 stern guns. The only internals are the rudders, prop shafts and props, and 2ea 550 motors. with BC gear boxes. There are also the test fire switches and on/off wiring.

The ship is build with wood, and does not have the casements built into. This was done as the owner did not want to mess with the casements.

The build thread shows how well the hull is built.

Asking $180.00 plus shipping and handling.

project 5

Scratch built Wood Hull

ClassUSS Idaho
DateJune 2015

This ship is under construction.

project 6

Scratch built Wood Hull

ClassUSS St. Louis
DateJuly 2015

This ship is under construction.

project 7

Webste for Some Client

ClientSome Client Name
DateJuly 2013
SkillsHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript


project 8

Webste for Some Client

ClientSome Client Name
DateJuly 2013
SkillsHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript


project 9

Webste for Some Client

ClientSome Client Name
DateJuly 2013
SkillsHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript


  • project 1

    IJN Nagato

    "Best of Scale" 2014

  • project 2

    IRN Evstafi

    WWI Pre-Dreadnought

  • project 3

    SMS Von Der Tann

    WWI German Battlecruiser

  • project 4

    Viribus Unitis

    Nice wood hull

  • project 5

    USS Idaho


  • project 6

    USS St. Louis

    Armored Cruiser C-20

  • project 7

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  • project 8

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  • project 9

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Who We Are...

The Staff and Builders @ SpudsWerks.

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SpudWerks inc.

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The Minions!

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*also used to fetch the beer!

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